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Bekasi is a town in Province of West Java Indonesia. This town located in eastside Jakarta. Bekasi is one of prop Jakarta city, besides Tangerang, Bogor, and Depok. And becomes to residence of urban working in Jakarta.

Condition of Geography

Now with region with a width of 210,49 Km2, town Bekasi has 8 district, and 52 country sides. Geographically region Bekasi lays in 106° 55 ' east longitude and 6° 7' - 6° 15 ' south latitude. Administration region limits is north side sub-province Bekasi, side sub-province south Bogor, west side DKI Jakarta, eastside sub-province Bekasi.

Resident Bekasi which is member of urban, they work in Jakarta, Tangerang, or Cikarang. Therefore, town chartered investment counsel Bekasi very irrespective of Jakarta city. Equipment of Transportation applied in town in the form of small van car that is KOASI, becak, ojek motor, equipment of Transportation towards to workplace can apply train, town bus.

Number of residents in the year 2007 equal to 1.796.416 people. Many townies Bekasi works in Jakarta, so that many townies Bekasi having resident identity number from Jakarta. This thing will cause calculation resident amounts by government Bekasi precise cannot. Number of residents actually bigger than white paper made by government Bekasi.

Number of residents Bekasi every year increases, improvement of number of this residents because many people who is looking for job(activity from outside area). They come to Bekasi because in this area many industrial areas as well as commercial area.

But becoming irony in this Bekasi town quite a few member of which is not has work especially aborigin Bekasi. This thing is because factor education and minimum skilled. While urban work has been ready for working.

In this town there are three tollgates connecting town bekasi with Jakarta that is tollgate Bekasi East, tollgate Bekasi West and tollgate Grand Wisata

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