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The Honda’s first product on the market

Honda A-Type auxiliary bicycle engine

Once you supposed that the car or the motorcycle Honda brand that currently your owned evidently results of the hard work a mechanic Soichiro Honda.
He was born on November 17, 1906, in Komyo Village (now Tenryu City), Iwata County, Shizuoka Prefecture, as the eldest son of Gihei Honda and his wife Mika. Gihei was a skilled and honest blacksmith and Mika an accomplished weaver. The family was poor but Soichiro’s upbringing was happy, even though his parents were insistent about the need for basic discipline.

This first original product by the Honda Company’s to be sold on the market is the Honda A-Type. By then was to the radically innovative chimney design, this appeared to be a rather orthodox 2-stroke engine. The intake assembly didn’t use the piston valves you saw elsewhere. Instead, it had rotary disk valves attached to the side of the crankcase. The manually operated use belt transmission mechanism. That also was used for the clutch.

Owing to the Innovation and his founding dreams, Honda Motor Co became the biggest automotive producer of the two in Japan. Moreover, for the motorcycle, Honda has to market leader all over in the world.

Sourced: world.honda.com

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